The Club has 2 identical Fox 440 power boats fitted with electric start, power tilt. The boats, new in 2013, are stable, comfortable and easy to handle and represent a significant investment.

The boats are designated as ‘Safety and Training’ boats

  1. Safety – for assisting and supporting the safe conduct of waterborne activities.
  2. Training – for the development of members skills in boat handling, pilotage, navigation, safety procedures.

Use of the Safetyboats

The SGBA Safetyboats are available to all SGBA members aged 18 or over to book online and use for their personal training and skill development subject to the following condition.

All applicants, including those with PB2, must successfully complete an Induction Course. You can book the Induction Course, or an SGBA PB2 course which includes it, through the Powerboat QM.

Summary of the Induction Course

On successful completion, your name will go on the Register of Safetyboat Helms and you will be issued with a password to use the booking site and take out the Safetyboats for your personal use.

Please note:

  1. To remain on the Register, you must hold PB2 or one of the SGBA Accepted Qualifications or achieve one of them before the end of your second season on the Register.

    SGBA Accepted Qualifications

  2. Digital copies of any relevant certificate must be emailed to the Sailing Secretary and the RYA Principal (see website - Contacts).

  3. You must operate Safetyboats in compliance with the ‘Conditions of use’. See opposite.

Conditions of use of the SGBA Safetyboats

  1. SGBA events will have priority when booking boat.
  2. Minimum age for booking and driving is 18.
  3. The Registered helm making the booking is responsible for the boat, the safety and conduct of crew (Max 5 inc helm), wearing buoyancy aids and compliance with maritime regulations.
  4. Boats must not enter, leave or be operated in Stoke Creek if the tide is less than 2.5m (approximately 3hrs either side of HW).
  5. Boats must always follow the deep channel when entering and leaving the Stoke creek.
  6. Boats must not be beached or enter water less than 1.5m deep.
  7. Landing is permitted only on Quays, wharfs and moorings subject to min depth 1.5m.
  8. Breakdown – the helm is responsible for recovery of craft to SG pontoon berth and notification to QM within 3 hours of incident if the boat is immobilised.
  9. Boats must be returned for overnight mooring on the SG pontoon berth except with prior authorisation by an SGBA officer.
  10. Speed limit 6 Knots.
  11. Boats may not be used for hire or reward or taken beyond Totnes Town Pier or Dartmouth Castle.
  12. After using a boat, the helm must complete the on-line usage report.

Safetyboat Fog Horns

There has been some confusion about how these work.

This picture should help.

Before taking a boat out make sure you know how to leave it at the end of the day

How to moor a safety boat


The paper log sheets no longer exist but after your booking you will receive an email asking you to complete a simple form about the condition of the boat when you left it.

Please fill in this form as it provides the Quartermaster with essential information that enables him to make sure that the boat is ready for the next user.

If you have lost the email, the form can be found here.

Enjoy your time on the water.